API Suite.
Instant Attraction eTickets.
Include any of our eticket attractions into your catalog
Include any or all of our instant eticket attractions into your catalog of product offerings. All of our etickets are accepted at the attraction so there is no need for your customers to print. Our full API suite allows you to seamlessly integrate all of our products alongside your existing products. Instantly receive etickets via API so that you can provide them to your customer in real time upon completion of their transaction.
Our flexible platform allows you to deliver gateway access etickets in the floowing ways:
individual attraction ticket barcodes
combine multiple attraction tickets into a single barcode
pay as you go technology*
Pay As You Go Technology allows you to provide your customer with ScanDoIt serealized ID. The customers credit card can be tokenized locally within your system. Via the ScanDoit API suite, our system will request that you charge the customers token within your system before we authorize the customers access into the attraction.